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Possible interview questions for a Senior PHP Web Developer

Below is just an informal list of possible questions to ask a more advanced PHP web developer. Please feel free to add more.
dns port?
SSL port?
what does the linux command dd do?
what does the linux command df do?
how many bits is an IPV6 address?
how many bits is an IPV4 address?
what's a factory?
what's a fascade? can you please give an example of when you would use one?
can you please explain, in simple terms using the whiteboard if necessary, what a reverse proxy is?
what are the four contexts in an nginx configuration file?
what git command would I use to remove all untracked files, ignored files and modified changes?
what git command would I use to update all submodules referenced in a project?
in php, please give two examples of methods that can be used to compensate for multiple inheritence
what is dependency injection? why would it be used? what are its advantages and disadvantages? 
please explain to us, in simple terms, what a IP bit mask is
what are four http headers used for caching?
can you name some alternative methods for caching?
can you please explain to me, as if I were an intermediate programmer, some of the gotchas of developing for web applications with more than one web server?

what is your preferred php library for image manipulation?
have you ever configured a load balancer?
have you ever written a php extension?
how many times have you compiled php from scratch?
how you used redis? can you explain what redis is and when you'd use it?
how familiar are you with web analytics?
can you please write a regular expression for me that will match a string starting at the beginning of the line, followed by five numeric digit, followed by any number whitespace characters, followed by a hyphen, followed by any number of whitespace characters and capturing the rest of the content of the line in a capturing group?